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Bleached & Sheared Otter Stroller
This garment is one of a kind as not many people choose to shear and bleach otter, but when they do ..
Ex Tax: $2,295.00
Bobcat Designer Swing Stroller
This high fashion stroller is one of a kind! It features a full collar Dolman sleeves Diago..
Ex Tax: $5,999.00
Bobcat Stroller
  This beautiful bobcat stroller is made from our premium bobcat fur and is gaurenteed to tu..
Ex Tax: $5,250.00
Chinchilla Stroller
If you are looking for one of the most fashionable and  comfortable garme..
Ex Tax: $5,995.00
Dark Sable 7/8th Stroller
This dark sable 7/8th stroller is made from our premium sable fur. This is made with a silk lining f..
Ex Tax: $9,999.00
Lynx Stroller
  This lynx stroller offers a very fashionable look while at the same time being very comfor..
Ex Tax: $3,995.00
Men's Coyote Stoller
Men's Coyote Stroller Split Collar, Dolman Sleeves, European Closures     ..
Ex Tax: $2,395.00
Plucked and Sheared Beaver Stroller with Lynx Collar
  This Stroller has the classy look of plucked and sheared beaver with the added touch of th..
Ex Tax: $2,695.00
Plucked sheared and dyed beaver stroller
  This one of a kind garment encorporates the extremely soft plucked a..
Ex Tax: $2,395.00
Plucked, Sheared, & Dyed Beaver Stroller
Plucked, Sheared & Dyed Beaver Stroller Full Collar Dolman Sleeves Slender Style 10 ..
Ex Tax: $2,295.00
Red Fox Stroller
Foxxy Lady! This classic red fox stroller features; Stand Up Collar Dolman Sleeves This ..
Ex Tax: $2,499.00
Silver fox stroller
  If you are looking for a fur garment that is as fashionable as it is..
Ex Tax: $3,495.00
Men's Black Beaver Stroller with Fox Hood Trim
Men's Dyed Black Beaver Stroller  Hood with White Fox Trim, Zipper Closure   &nbs..
Ex Tax: $2,295.00