Fur Jackets

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Beaver jacket
  This natural beaver jacket will keep you  warm and feeling grea..
Ex Tax: $1,795.00
Beaver jacket
  This natural beaver jacket with its wing collar and zipper closure h..
Ex Tax: $1,795.00
Beaver Mens Jacket
This Men's Beaver Jacket has a Wing collar and Dolman Sleeves. The closure is a zipper to allow for ..
Ex Tax: $1,795.00
Beaver Plucked & Sheared Dyed Oyster & Diamond Grooved Jacket
Beaver Jacket with the following customization Plucked & Sheared Dyed Oyster Diamond Gr..
Ex Tax: $2,195.00
Beaver Plucked, Sheared, Dyed Brown & Grooved Jacket
This Beaver Jacket is the ultimate in customization, It features; Plucked & Sheared Dyed B..
Ex Tax: $1,995.00
Blue fox jacket
  This jacket has a classic design which has been a favorite for decad..
Ex Tax: $2,495.00
Blue Horizontal Sheared Beaver jacket
  If you are looking to stand out while staying warm this winter then this jacket is for you..
Ex Tax: $2,295.00
Bobcat jacket
  This bobcat stroller is a must if you want a stunning garment that c..
Ex Tax: $4,495.00
Chinchilla Jacket
  This chinchilla jacket is perfect if you are looking for the ultimate in fashion and comfo..
Ex Tax: $4,990.00
Golden Sable Jacket
This golden sable jacket is made with a unique design by our seamstresses! Set in a diagonal pattern..
Ex Tax: $15,500.00
Grey fox jacket with plucked sheared and dyed beaver collar
  The darker tones of the premium grey fox used in this jacket are com..
Ex Tax: $2,195.00
Mink Jacket
This mink jacket is classy! When most people think of a fur jacket they think of mink! This jacke..
Ex Tax: $3,500.00
Plucked sheared and dyed plum beaver jacket with fox collar and cuffs
  This jacket has just the right amount of flare with its matching fox..
Ex Tax: $2,295.00
Plucked, sheared, and dyed maple beaver jacket
  This stylish jacket is perfect if you are looking for a fur garment ..
Ex Tax: $2,395.00
Plucked, sheared, grooved, and dyed light maple beaver jacket
  This wonderful beaver jacket is perfect if you are looking to stray ..
Ex Tax: $2,195.00