Fur Coats

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Beaver coat
  This full length natural beaver fur coat is an all time favorite.&nb..
Ex Tax: $2,495.00
Beaver coat with fox collar
  This beautiful garment is perfect for those cold winter days when yo..
Ex Tax: $2,595.00
Bobcat coat
  If you are looking for ..
Ex Tax: $6,495.00
Genuine Men's Buffalo Fur Coat
This is the coat for the real mountain man! Features Split Collar, Dolman Sleeves, Butto..
Ex Tax: $2,995.00
Golden Sable Coat
This luxurious Russian sable coat is a masterpiece! Rich, glamorous, sable fur is the ultimate of lu..
Ex Tax: $20,000.00
Plucked and sheared beaver coat with Lynx collar
  If you are looking for a garment that will keep you warm during the ..
Ex Tax: $3,195.00
Plucked, sheared, and dyed ginger beaver coat
  This full length plucked, sheared and dyed ginger beaver coat is as ..
Ex Tax: $3,495.00
Premium Red Fox Fur Coat
  This red fox coat is a must if you are looking for the ultimate in s..
Ex Tax: $3,495.00