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Beaver Plucked & Sheared Dyed Black Vest
This Plucked and sheared dyed black beaver vest is completed with a stand up collar and features a z..
Ex Tax: $1,125.00
Beaver Small Teddy Bear
Our small beaver teddy bears are currently sold out, we do have small raccon and coyote teddy bears ..
Ex Tax: $199.00
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Beaver Tail Leather Wallet
USA FOXX offers Beaver tail wallets in Black and Brown. Each wallet is handcrafted.  Current..
Ex Tax: $65.00
Knit Hat with Fur Pom
These knit hats are made with matching fur poms on top of hat. The hats are made with a knitited fab..
Ex Tax: $45.00
Premium Badger Fur Mountain Man Hat #2
This mountain man #2 hat is made with our premium badger fur, Features the face and the tail. It is..
Ex Tax: $179.00