Shipping raw fur for tanning

~~Before sending your furs to USA FOXX & Furs, please read and understand the information below. Visit our fur tanning FAQ for prices and answers to our most common questions; if you still have questions, fill out the contact us form or give us a call at 218-722-7742 or 1-800-872-3699.

•All pelts must be stretched & dried or salted & dried before shipping to USA FOXX & Furs, UNLESS we're doing the fleshing
•All bobcat, lynx, and otter must have CITIES tags or they will be returned at the owner's expense
•Government regulations require you to have a trapping or hunting license number with your pelts. If you purchased the pelts, please get this number from the pelt source

Frozen Shipping Tips

A few key tips when shipping frozen hides:

1. Insulate your box - place your hides in a foam cooler and then place that in a box or wrap your hides heavily in news paper.
2. Guarantee your shipment - Unless you use an express guaranteed 2 day shipping service your package may take longer and is at risk of spoiling in transit.  Priority mail IS NOT A GUARANTEED SERVICE!

If you'd like to utilize the professional fleshing services of USA FOXX & Furs, please read and understand the information below.
•All pelts must be frozen solid before shipping, fold hides skin to skin and then fold them and freeze them in a plastic bag.
•Frozen pelts can only be shipped out to USA FOXX & Furs on Monday or Tuesday, pelts shipped later in the week will not make it before the weekend and can spoil before they arrive.
•You must ship frozen pelts via FedEx 2-Day, UPS 2-Day, or SpeeDee delivery(WI, MN, ND, SD, IL, IA, NE), 
•If you live in one of the states listed above, standard UPS, FedEx, or Speedee where available will be OK
•A Rubbermaid storage bin or sturdy plastic tote is recommended.  Disposable foam coolers that are then put inside a box also work well.
•If you box is not insulated use plenty of paper to help keep them cold in transit , for smaller thin skinned hides such as fox a disposable freezer pack is recommended as smaller animals will thaw faster.
•Please include your name, address, phone number, pelt license or CITIES tag numbers, on a packing list inside the bin (preferably in a Ziplock bag)

•To download an order form click "Tanning" on our banner and look for the black and white order form or link "order form!"

If you have any questions about shipping hides you must contact us BEFORE you ship them.  We have been having customers sucessfully ship frozen hides to us for decades but if shipped improperly your prized hides could spoil before we receive them.