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At USA FOXX & Furs we can design and manufacture your custom fur order using your pelts. See our free tanning offer below or see our 2011 fur & pelt tanning price list.

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Got Fur?

Thousands of people just like you send in their own furs to USA FOXX & Furs each year! Here is an example for what we do with your furs once we receive them in our store.

 Our capabilities range from soft, sheared beaver blankets to wild mountain man hats and everything in between. Just download our 2012 fur catalog, fill out the order form and send in your pelts. USA FOXX does the rest!

Bed Spread


Need Fur Tanning?

Whether your pelts are ready for tanning or recently aquired, our 2012 fur catalog shows you how easy it is to choose USA FOXX & Furs. We walk you through the steps of preparing your fur for shipment and our guide to common tanning questions gives you the answers.

We Do It Right!

We guarantee your 100% satisfaction on all of our fur products you order at USA FOXX including custom fur coats, jackets, blankets and hats. We have the lowest prices nationwide for any custom fur product. USA FOXX has thousands of satisfied customers nationwide. We have been in business over 20 years in Duluth, Minnesota and we've been online at since 1996.

Thank you for browsing our fur tanning and manufacturing Web site and being a responsible fur taker. Be sure to check out our directory of trapping associations, DNR & conservation offices.

If you still have questions or would like some help planning your one-of-a-kind fur masterpiece, contact USA FOXX & Furs by phone, fax or email and we'll help you get started today!

Fur Tanning Prices (They're low!)

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